From hosting workshops in the exotic Caribbean to producing striking images on a scale so diverse as to include both the automotive and beauty industries, J. Scott has left his indelible mark on the photographic world.

Originally from Seville, Ohio, now Cleveland-based photographer J. Scott bought his first film camera at the age of 15 and has been shooting ever since. Initially inspired by his uncle, a portrait photographer, J. Scott began taking dark room classes in high school and spent the next 20 years as an advanced hobby shooter, while juggling both full-time employment and single parenthood.

In 2006, J. Scott turned his pastime into a full-time enterprise. Entering the field with modest beginnings, his minimalist approach is now a matter of choice rather than necessity. Dedicated to the belief that the most true and magnificent images are captured with little more than the camera itself, Scott’s compositions are often single light set-ups driven by a passion to capture the beauty in each moment.

Staying true to his conviction in the fundamentals, J. Scott is known for his ability to connect with models. “Building a connection between myself and the models, and between the models and the camera is what I think makes my images stand out. Knowing how and when to direct and developing a sense of comfort is essential in creating the best possible image,” Scott says.

Spanning both print and online publications, J. Scott’s many credits include, but are not limited to, Infinity Broadcasting, Twentieth Century Fox, Maxim Online, Men’s Fitness, America’s Fitness Magazine, and FHM. Available for commercial work, project-based productions and model portfolio development, Scott’s experience and talent combine to produce unique imagery that bridge the gap of technical skill and artistic vision.

Partial List of Credits

  • Twentieth Century Fox Films
  • Ininity Broadcasting
  • Maxim Online
  • Bullz-Eye.com
  • Mr Gasket (high performance parts)
  • Soak Magazine